March 1, 2012

I am humbled to have received this letter today from a beloved student on the three year anniversary of our meeting, and it speaks beautifully about the nature of Yoga, and our interdependence with one another.

Yoga can be a tool to show us the way to inner freedom, peace (shanti), if we do the work by showing up. I send my deepest gratitude to all of you, for showing me why I am a teacher and also forever your student.


        "On March 1st, 2009, my life changed. I traveled to downtown Concord, N.C., found an old building that I was looking for and rode an elevator up to the 3rd floor. Little did I realize just how much my life would be changed by that decision.

        I made my way back to a good sized room and found ….. nobody!  Was I in the right place?! What was I doing here?! Maybe I should just bail. Nobody would know. But no, I sat down on a couch just outside the room ,and waited. (Being historically early for everything ,this should have come as no surprise to me.)

       After a few minutes (or hours!) I heard footsteps.  And then this young ( remember my age) and attractive woman came into view. Little did I realize just how much she would impact me in such a positive way.

       I took my first yoga class. It felt a little weird and I was just a little out of shape. But I was encouraged by this young woman and told that I was doing a fine job. “ When you are on your mat, you are the most important person.” Sounded good. I knew none of the poses. Am I doing it right?! How come I can’t do that pose like her?  She said “Don’t worry, don’t judge.” Yeah, right!! If a woman could do it, I had to be able to!

      That woman was Angie B.  She has brought a smile to my face, purpose to my life and an understanding of just how lucky I am. Her actions have encouraged to “give back” to the world. She has made me realize that we are all connected. Helping others only makes me and the world a little bit better.

     From the very center of everything that is me, I thank you. You have had, and will continue to have, a huge influence on my life. You are an inspiration. I dedicate my practice to you."



     (Pictures from Blue Ridge Wellness Center, where we first met in 2009)