Integrative Reflexology

Brief History

The benefits of stimulating the feet for healing purposes were known to our ancestors all over the world. While it is a challenge to show the evolution of reflexology, history shows us the earliest signs of the healing art from ancient Egypt, dating back to 2330 B.C. Many cultures directly connected the health of the body to the feet. Pressure therapy has been traced to ancient Asian cultures, with emphasis on energy meridians. Reflexology was used in Europe when Dr's Adamus and A'Tatis published a book on zone therapy in 1582. In 1917, zone therapy and it's massage techniques were brought to this country by Dr. William Fitzgerald and his students. It was not until the early 1970's until the practice was well-received by the medical establishment, and physicians could show a clear demonstration of the power of acupressure/acupuncture as an anesthetic.


Integrative Reflexology combines the four-theory integrated approach which includes: structural integration through foot alignment; the study of meridians as precursors to modern foot reflexology; zones as a grid application and method of finding the reflex points; and the study of proprioceptors, the messengers to the nervous system and the organs. Reflexology is a treatment, not a valid method of diagnosing medical problems. It can provide many benefits and assist in maintaining optimal health by establishing natural balance and harmony with the healing process. No matter what the condition is, reflexology can help. The client should seek their doctor's or physicians advice, especially if they are under chemotherapy or under any other intensive medical treatment.

"Only by bringing peace from the ground up can problems

 higher in the body be understood."    
- Ida Rolf

Possible Benefits

• Deep relaxation effect due to the release of endorphins, relieve stress and tension

• Increased rest and digest response- increase peristaltic in the digestive system, can reduce constipation

• Improves nerve and blood supply, promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses

• Release of mucus membranes, possible sinus drainage

• Lung congestion may be cleared

• Uterine reflex stimulation may bring contractions to overdue babies, or late menses

• Relieve some of the symptoms of PMS

• Help to reduce muscular tension in neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, sciatic area and spine

• Greatly reduce swelling in the feet and lower limbs, increasing mobility

• Movement of fluid via stimulation of the kidney, urethra, bladder and can help pass kidney stones

• Overall sense of well being- clients often report that they feel more relaxed than a full body massage


Private Session


With each reflexology treatment, I come to the privacy of your home and treatment is completed while you are seated in a reclining or comfortable chair. Each 60 min. session will include an aromatherapy sensory journey, and deeply relaxing pressure point therapy on either hands and feet, or feet only. Each 90 min. session will also include an aromatherapy foot soak and additional energy work techniques. Client should wear light, comfortable clothing for reflexology. I reserve the right to refuse treatment for clients who are not by referral or already a client.