Sound Therapy

Each session is designed to balance the chakras, with each energy center having it's own musical frequency. Our bodies are made of mostly water holding vibrations and on a cellular level, we will match the vibration of sound around us.

The resonance and long-lasting vibrations that crystal singing bowls generate, make them ultimate healing tools. Combine them with guided meditation, bells, and tingshas, and it is an experience that is balancing for the whole body, mind and spirit.

You are invited to simply rest in comfort to absorb the healing vibrations of sound accompanied by a guided meditation for total energy balancing.

Sound therapy can aid in releasing stagnant energy to allow for deep physical, energetic and emotional healing. You will be given a personalized "recipe card" for simple practices to continue at home for optimum well-being.

30-minute session for only $25.

Share your session with a friend/partner for only $40 (30 minutes).

Email to schedule.