"Your voice is so relaxing, the tone and cadence cause relaxation."
~ Linda B.

~ Barbara F.

"It (today's class) spoke to me both physically (challenging) & spiritually - I definitely need to 'let go'! Thank you!"
~ Sandy M.

...you are the Rolls Royce of creating a healing environment, second to none.  My lungs are open & feel like they're pulling in an extra liter of air with each breath.  The only other time I've felt this much peace inside was after an acupuncture session.  Totally unstuck & free inside, which is so nice...."
~ James M.

I have been looking for (a class) where the energy of the room to feel united, and it did! So Thanks! :)"

 ~ Amy L.

"Yes-I was looking for a class that was more yoga as a lifestyle and less yoga as an exercise. I always get more than I was looking for when I come to this class. You're awesome!"
~ Samina A.

"I love the tranquil, peacefulness of your voice as you guide us. You are fabulous & I appreciate you!"
~ Chris S.

"A nice balance of movement and meditation. Thanks for always reminding us to breathe & keep our intentions present in our minds. You are lovely!"
~ Ashley S.

"Yes!! Peace & the flow through all the postures. Love you!!"
~ Dalida A.

"I have really enjoyed the chanting and focusing on the various chakra zones."
~ Shaelyn M.

"I feel awesome - regenerated & rejuvenated. You're fantastic."
~ Gretchen C.

"It was slower than what I'm used to, but I loved the meditation/slowness and the deconstruction of the class. Thanks so much!"
~ Nikki H.

"All people (and things) teach in many ways. Those of us who are fortunate enough to take your classes would be wise to listen carefully, and appreciate the lessons we each receive from such a wonderful teacher. Thanks Angie."
~ Herb J.

"This was amazing! I feel myself strengthening, stretching, and toning. It was SO relaxing. This is my first yoga class and I LOVED IT!
~ Christina J.

"I appreciate the thought & preparation you put into each class. I love how each one is different & interesting. Thank you! Your class is wonderful & an important part of my life. I couldn't possibly put a price on it!" 
~ Jane M.

"Thank you for your guidance through this process. You are a light and I'm glad I started taking your class."
~ Linda D.

 "Awesome for stress relief and running. Love it!"
~ Jamie T.

"I love the passages (readings) and I love your classes!
~ Christa O.

"I feel more at peace for having come (to class) tonight. Thank you :)"
~ Kat S.

"I feel as if I am dreaming."
~ Matthew D.

"I feel like a new person. Your energy is absolutely amazing."
~ Jessica E.

"Love - Gentleness - Soothing - Thanks for the encouragement."
~ Ann E.

"This is the yoga experience I was looking for, not too unfamiliar poses and not too rushed either. I wish I could come more often! This class really helps relieve my back pain from computer work."  ~Arlone B.

"I enjoyed my first Yoga class very much! I run & weight train but this made me so much more aware of my body. I was so delighted with the foot massage! It was the cherry on top of my delicious Yoga experience." ~ Ellen S.


"Very peaceful & flexible and I am looking forward to experiencing continued flexibility & strength. You are a fabulous teacher!"  ~ Eric L.

"This class absolutely provided the Yoga experience I was looking for. Love the fluidity & seamlessness of the classes. I like the challenge. Thank you, Angela."  ~ Arlene R.

"Was even more than I expected. You are appreciated."  ~ Marilyn G.



"Totally relaxing and de-stressing. I keep getting better with my practice."  ~ Susan L.

"My first class was tonight with Angela. WOW! I'm sooo ready for Yoga to be part of my life. The studio and the people are awesome. I'll be back soon!"
~ Linda M.

"It is a wonderful workout. I love this class!"  ~ Amylee M.

"Relaxing, peaceful, and a physical and spiritual journey well worth taking. Keep it going." ~ Ron B.

"I felt at the end as you pushed my feet down that there was an actual release of stress and anxiety and worries and have felt WONDERFUL the rest of the day. I'm thinking of how I can replace that released space with goodness and good thoughts...Thank you."  ~ Melva G.

"It was exactly what I was looking for & more! Thank you so much for finally making me relaxed for the first time in two months."  ~ Kristen W.

"I appreciate the warm-up & cool down process. The flow of the postures is wonderful. I love learning all the hand mudras and the different chants. Thank you for such amazing classes and for always sharing a sense of Home and Love. Namaste!"
~ Christina B.

"I knew that I missed this over the past couple of weeks, but I didn't know how much! :) Can it get any better?!? You're the best! Thank you!" ~ Kristi M.

"Love the heart opening poses, massage, stretching & relaxation." ~ Michelle P.

"The help you provide with the back stretch in child's pose & foot massage are unique & excellent additions to your class. I'm relatively new to Yoga so I'm pleased with everything thus far: stretching, working on my flexibility, strengthening & toning, and of course relaxation and learning how to breathe." ~ Michelle G.

"Me-time is so very hard to come by. Love the connection between mind & body-class is always new & different, yet familiar. I feel like I already see core improvement & strength. Thanks!" ~ Janis H.

"Yes! - Feel relief, new energy, healed."  ~Sharron M.

"I feel less stressed & healthier. Really enjoying the class." ~Kristen B.

"I love you! Thank you!!" ~ Lorelei K.