Essential Tips


Acceptance & Grace: It has taken your whole life to reach this exact moment, so be here now, allowing grace to move you.

Breath: As we connect with the breath, a sense of inner peace and grace begins to fill our beings effortlessly.

Intention: Set an intention for each new day. It gives our mind a way to focus and connect to harmonious states of being, which invokes alignment with our body and with the universe.

Explore & Express: Move through each new pose and transition with wonder and enthusiasm at your capabilities. Make your practice your very own as you connect to your true nature and the teacher within. Get behind your practice, into the Divine. Witness your own unfolding and have a good time.

Respect & Integrity: Let these elements be an integral part of your practice and this will surely spread to the world around us.

Limitations: Allow limitations to give you information and freedom. They are helpful hints on what we may need to pay more attention to in our living. Seek out the troubled areas of the body with curiosity. Then we can truly learn to help ourselves.

Menstruation and Pregnancy: When menstruating, avoid bringing yourself into full body inversions, meaning postures that place you in an upside-down position. This supports the natural direction of the flow which keeps blood from backing up into the fallopian tubes, which can create cysts.

When pregnant, consult your health care professional and talk with a yoga teacher. The practice is different for every pregnant woman. Your body is going through a tremendous change. Your yoga practice will change too.

Injuries: Take care of them. Patience and loving kindness will gently invite the body to heal and open. Usually you can find the areas to strengthen with the guidance of a teacher.

Remember this is a practice, which requires consistency. Take the challenges as opportunities to expand your awareness and your world.